Trips and excursions

The following tours and excursions are available for participants of the “Ecopath 30 years” event:

CosmoCaixa Barcelona Science Museum

CosmCaixaEnglish language tours to the CosmoCaixa Barcelona Science Museum are available free of charge for participants to the Ecopath 30 Years Conference and Events thanks to “La Caixa” Banking Foundation.

CosmoCaixa is the Science Museum in Barcelona of “la Caixa” Community Projects, and is designed to stimulate people’s knowledge and opinion of science through exhibitions and a wide variety of activities.

CosmoCaixa Science Museum is an spectacular museum that offers interactive, enjoyable science experiences for anyone who is eager to learn and understand and who never stops wondering why things are the way they are.

CosmoCaixa boasts the Geological Wall and the Amazon Flooded Forest, which features more than 100 plant and animal species that convince visitors they have been transported from the Mediterranean to the very heart of the tropical jungle. In addition to its permanent facilities –Bubble Planetarium, digital Planetarium, Click and Flash, Touch, touch! and Explore your five senses– and its open areas, CosmoCaixa offers a scientific and educational programme that includes exhibitions, workshops, conferences, courses and debates involving experts from all over the world.

When are the free tours to CosmoCaixa?

Three days have been reserved to give the participants to the Ecopath 30 Years Conference and Events the possibility to visit CosmoCaixa on 8, 14 and 15 November 2014. The tours will be in English and will include a maximum of 25 people each day and tour. The tours will start at 5pm.

How to join the free tour to CosmoCaixa?

If you are interested, please email us before 3 November 2014 and tell us which tour you want to join: 8, 14 or 15 November.

Address: Carrer d’Isaac Newton 26, 08022 Barcelona. Tel +34 932 126050

Download directions how to get to Cosmo Caixa from the Institute of Marine Sciences

Maritime Museum of Barcelona

maritime-museum-barcelonaSelf-directed English tours to the Maritime Museum of Barcelona are available free of charge for participants to the Ecopath 30 Years Conference and Events.

The Museu Marítim (Maritime Museum) in Barcelona is certainly one of the most interesting sights of Barcelona. The museum is sitting in the former shipyards of Drasannes, the biggest and most complete Medieval dockyards in the world. It is located at the southern edge of the Old Town and at the end of the Rambla.

The museum hosts a permanent exhibition of 10 000 sq meters of navigational instruments, drawings, replicas, paintings, model ships and interactive exhibitions, and informs on the maritime history of Catalonia, plus a series of temporal expositions. The Drasannes shipyards were the main place were war and merchant ships were built in Barcelona during the 13 to 18 Century. The construction of the shipyards guaranteed Barcelona’s naval supremacy throughout the Mediterranean expansion.

When are the free tours to the Maritime Museum?

Participants to the Ecopath 30 Years Conference and Events can visit the Maritime Museum for free from 8 to 13 November. Participants can enter the museum with their tags from the Ecopath 30 Years Conference at no cost and there is no need to book in advance. At the entrance of the museum, participants will be given an English audio-guide to visit the expositions independently.

Address: Museu Marítim. Avinguda de les Drassanes, s/n. 08001. Barcelona.
Tel. +34 933 429920.
Open from 10.00 to 20.00h (entry until 19:30h)