Advanced course: contributing to fisheries management with EwE

13 November 2014, Room P31 at ICM-CSIC

This advanced one day course presented how EwE tools can be used in the context of fisheries management. In particular, the Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) plug-in was presented. Participants learned how to parameterize and analyse results from these modules.

Teachers: Villy Christensen (UBC, Canada), Steve Mackinson (CEFAS, UK)


The day consisted of lectures, hands on worked examples, and Q&A around particular areas of interest to the participants.


  • Models and multi-species issues in management
  • Modelling support for developing long term management plans – identifying tradeoffs
  • Tools for evaluating the performance of alternative fishing strategies when taking model uncertainty in to account
  • Assessing the downstream value of fisheries – valuing changes in the supply chain arising from fisheries management


  • Walk-through of new tools for assessing uncertainty. What it does and how it works
  • Evaluating alternative management strategies based on uncertain model parameterisations. Examining and presenting results for group discussion.


Thursday 13 November
Time Topic Resources
09:00-10:15 Prerequisites for using EM for management: Quality control, PreBal, ‘Key runs’ for models used in advice in ICES (SM)
Applications of models in Management (VC)
PDF: Models and multi-species issues in management
PDF: Modelling support for LTMPs
10:15-10:30 Break
10:30-12:30 Fishing policy exploration, objective function, policy optimization (VC)
Tutorial 5: Policy exploration, North Sea
Tutorial 5 – Introduction
ZIP file: Tutorial 5 – Objective optimisation
12:30-14:30 Break
14:30-18:00 Afternoon program coming soon

Participant requirements

  • To follow the tutorials, participants will need prior experience (sufficient from the training on 4 to 5th) of navigating and using EwE, and have it already installed on you computer.
  • The lecturers will provide tutorial and training material in advance of the workshop. To get the full benefit of the learning you should familiarise yourself in with these in advance.
  • If participants are familiar with R (we used this to handle results), please have it installed. We plan to have detailed instruction before the workshop.
  • Please bring a laptop that can operate Window (i.e. no Mac’s of if you have a Mac please make sure that it has a Windows OS installed and that all the software works on it.
  • Please download the newest version of Ecopath with Ecosim EwE v. 6.4.3 (October 2014) from the Ecopath website and make sure that it works.
  • Please make sure you have Microsoft Office (excel, word, etc.) or equivalent downloaded
  • There will be access to the internet provided in the course room

Recommended reading

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