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FAQ: mass emails

Q: Do you send out emails to keep participants up to date?
A: As infrequent as possible, because we cannot rely on mass emails to keep participants informed. SPAM filters may swallow important news that is sent to too many recipients at once, or because of the seedy reputation of a neighbour that shares our web hosting company. Instead, please check the website if it holds the information that you’re after, and if you cannot find what you need to know, please contact us directly. In return, we may contact you individually if we have questions for you.

Q: I have submitted a poster. Am I still required to present? How does this work?
A: We decided to give you the chance to present your poster to the conference in a brief, 3 minute, 3 slide maximum presentation so that your work will get properly noted. Posters presentations will be held at the end of your session. Participation is optional. For more details please see the instructions for presenters.

Q: To whom and when do I give my presentation?
A: Your presentations will be collected at the registration desk first thing in the morning. For more details please see the instructions for presenters.

Q: Can I get a certificate when I attend a course?
A: Yes, of course! You do not even have to ask. However, if you need a certificate for attending the conference, you must take explicit action as described here.