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Q: I have submitted a poster. Am I still required to present? How does this work?
A: We decided to give you the chance to present your poster to the conference in a brief, 3 minute, 3 slide maximum presentation so that your work will get properly noted. Posters presentations will be held at the end of your session. Participation is optional. For more details please see the instructions for presenters.

Q: To whom and when do I give my presentation?
A: Your presentations will be collected at the registration desk first thing in the morning. For more details please see the instructions for presenters.


14 September 2014

The (extended) deadline for early registrations has closed. You are still more than welcome to register to attend the EwE30 conference and events, but late registration fees now apply.


7 September 2014

The Ecopath 30 years proceedings will be published as a Fisheries Centre Research Report, and we are searching for a journal to publish a monograph with select work presented at the conference. For more information please visit the publications section of the EwE30 website.

Q: Can I get a certificate when I attend a course?
A: Yes, of course! You do not even have to ask. However, if you need a certificate for attending the conference, you must take explicit action as described here.

Q: Can I get a certificate for attending the conference?
A: Yes, you most certainly can. If you need a certificate please contact Chiara Piroddi of the “EwE 30 years” organizing committee who will be more than happy to assist you. It would be a great help if you request the certificate before the end of October 2014, two weeks before the start of the conference.


1 September 2014

We are no longer accepting applications for support to attend the EwE30 Conference and events. Support applications closed on 31 August 2014.
We were able to raise some funding – and here we explicitly wish to thank those EwE30 chairs that donated their waived registration fees to support others to come! – and from this we were able to waive the conference fees for all those who applied for support.