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27 January 2015

A select series of presentations that have been made available by EwE30 participants can be downloaded. If you wish to add your own presentation as well: don’t be shy, just let us know!


8 November 2014

Registration has officially closed for the Ecopath 30 years event. Most of the courses were at or close to max capacity, and about 100 people registered for the conference. We consider this a great success, thank you for coming!

During the conference you can still sign up for the Ecotroph course; just come and talk to one of the organizers during the conference.


25 October 2014

The detailed program of the Ecopath 30 years conference has been posted. Soon the program will be made available as a downloadable PDF.


10 October 2014

There are trips and excursions available especially for participants to the EwE30 event! Please check the ‘trips and excursions‘ section for more information and to sign up.

FAQ: mass emails

Q: Do you send out emails to keep participants up to date?
A: As infrequent as possible, because we cannot rely on mass emails to keep participants informed. SPAM filters may swallow important news that is sent to too many recipients at once, or because of the seedy reputation of a neighbour that shares our web hosting company. Instead, please check the website if it holds the information that you’re after, and if you cannot find what you need to know, please contact us directly. In return, we may contact you individually if we have questions for you.


5 October 2014

The Introduction to Ecopath and Ecosim course has reached capacity, and is no longer open for registration. However, there is plenty of room for the Ecotroph course. Please consider to register for Ecotroph!